- Company Logo.
     If the quality of your logo is accepted there will be no extra charge

- In App pictures.
     If the quality of your pictures are accepted there will be no extra charge

SMB Native App Creation

- Creation of one business app for one business location

- 5 App Icons (generic)

- 5 In App programs + push notification integration

Possible Extra Charges
One Time Cost:

From $1895.95 CAD + taxes

SMB Native App Monthly Maintenance Fee ( 2 published locations maximum )
Publish SMB Native App

texTden can publish your business app to many different locations.

We recommend Google Play Store and Apple Itunes as a minimum.

One Time Cost:

From $129.00 CAD + taxes for each published location

- 3 App modification per month
     When the app needs to be recompiled and re-submitted to the published locations.

- 30 Push notifications

- Version and security updates

- App monitoring

- A total of 1 gigabyte of hosting for your app and it’s related components

- Maintain and supply all links for your business app in your texTden Business Account

- texTden Business Account with 400 T-Den Credits per month

- Business listing on texTden.com with search on site and search via text(sms)

SMB #1
Monthly Cost:

From $69.95 CAD + taxes

For a variety of reasons, not everyone will be able to install your business app on their mobile device.

That’s ok,
texTden offers your business the possibility of reaching more customers via our text(sms) platform.

This service, included in all our SMB monthly plans, enables just about every mobile device to stay in contact
with your business. Old or new, Internet plan or not, app or not.

Your business can send text(sms) notifications with texTden’s platform to a customer as long as the customer’s mobile device is enabled to send and receive a text, is registered with texTden and has agreed to receive text communications from your business.

* Msg&Data rates may apply